What’s up with the huge stone spheres discovered in Costa Rica?

So far, around 300 stone spheres of varying size have been found in southern Costa Rica in the Disquis Delta, some weighing as much as 16 tons. Excavations began in 2005 at the site called “Finca 6”.  Dating them is difficult, but they are credited to a culture who lived in the area around the year 600 to 1,000 AD whose culture disappeared after the Spanish conquest in the 16th century. Most are made of gabbro, an igneous rock, while some are made from limestone and some from sandstone.

It is unknown for certain how the spheres could have been made with such precision.  While some people credit aliens with production of the spheres, others talk about chipping with stone tools, loosening layers of rock with heat, and treating the surface with abrasives, as well as using wooden tools to shape it into a sphere.

Some of the materials that were used for the spheres were not local to the area where they were discovered, so it is a mystery how the huge spheres were transported to their destination, and their purpose also remains a mystery.

Some people think they were status symbols, created to show dominance of a chief and village, used to show the hierarchy of villages. Whoever had more and bigger ones were wealthier (“Stone Spheres of Costa Rica,” n.d.).

Interestingly, there seems to be question of the spheres’ alignment. Only a few of the 300 found remain in their original location at the site Finca 6, as many were unfortunately moved for farming in the 1930s. Five of seven balls lay in east-west lines and may have been used to record celestial phenomena or line up with constellations and might be related to myths and legends. It seems like it is difficult to tell for sure with most of the balls having been moved (Kahler, 2016).

According to Finra 6 archaeologists,

“‘Upon occasion, the spheres were placed to form alignments, following patterns which could have been related to the movement of the sun and other heavenly bodies, indicating significant times of the year related to agricultural cycles and rituals…'” (Kahler, 2016)

Legends allege that they people who made the stones had a potion they could use to soften the material. Others legends state the spheres come from Atlantis. Other Native American myths say that they’re the god of thunder’s cannon balls (“Stone Spheres of Costa Rica,” n.d.).

It seems that the spheres in Costa Rica will remain a mystery for now, although it is interesting to consider these spheres in relation to the other similar spheres that have been found in places far away from Costa Rica, like the huge sphere found recently in the woods in Bosnia near the questionable Bosnian pyramid. Is it likely that we have only just discovered the tip of the iceberg of ancient spheres around our globe?


Will huge stone spheres continue to be discovered around the world? What do you think their purpose was? How were they made and transported?



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