Evidence that the Mandela Effect is changing everything: Risky Business dance scene

The Mandela Effect is this incredible phenomenon in which hundreds of thousands of people remember something being some certain way, but now the records state that it has always been some other way. If this is new to you, read about it here: What is the Mandela Effect, and why is it boggling my mind? This phenomenon extends to famous movie lines, famous names, Hitler’s eye color, the Mona Lisa, names of television shows and movies, logos, names of companies and products, and political events like Nelson Mandela’s death (for which the effect was named), how many people were in the car during the JFK assassination, and Tank Man during the Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989 in Beijing (now he was supposedly never run over by the tank even though so many people remember it otherwise).

Skeptics like to live comfortably in their denial where everything still makes sense and cite studies on the fallibility of memory, how easy it is to implant false memories, and social psychology in that if everyone says they remember it a certain way, you’re likely to start believing that’s the way you remember it too.

Unfortunately for skeptics, there is also the problem of what is referred to as residuals. There is plenty of evidence remaining that seem to prove that these events really did take place the way that they are remembered by so many, and that these past occurrences have since changed. For example, have you ever seen Risky Business with Tom Cruise and watched the famous dance scene? Do you remember him dancing in his underwear, wearing a white shirt and sunglasses? Well, now things have changed and he’s wearing a pink striped shirt and no sunglasses, and we are supposed to believe that is the way it has always been… except that there is plenty of residual evidence that Tom Cruise did in fact wear a white shirt and sunglasses. Parodies of the scene done on shows including Scrubs, The Simpsons, and The Nanny all depict the scene with the white button down and glasses. David Arquette’s character in Never Been Kissed dresses this way in the famous couples prom scene. Also, it’s easy to see that thousands of people chose to dress as Tom Cruise in Risky Business for their Halloween costume, and they all have worn white shirts and sunglasses.

Here’s Alf in sunglasses parodying the famous dance scene. I’m pretty sure Alf wouldn’t have gotten it wrong. Speaking of Alf, I’m relieved to see that he still existed… for now.

Do an image search, and you’ll find never ending sunglasses and white shirts on all the thousands of people who dressed up as Tom Cruise’s character for Halloween. Practically the only pink shirt in sight is the one now on Tom Cruise himself which he supposedly always wore in the scene.

And this is what the scene looks like now (supposedly what it has always looked like):

Just in case Tom Cruise wasn’t creepy enough already, here he is starring in Interview with THE Vampire which supposedly was always Interview with THE Vampire and never Interview with A Vampire. If you start typing “Interview with” into your search engine, it suggests “Interview with vampire,” because that is what is searched for, not “Interview with the vampire.”



How do you remember the famous scene? Ray bans and white oxford shirt? Is there anyone out there who remembers Tom as always wearing a pink shirt? What do you think of all the evidence that suggests otherwise?

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