Chronological list of some events

Let’s keep in mind that we have pieced together how we assume events in human history have taken place based on evidence we have discovered and examined. As technology advances and as we continue to make new discoveries, our perception of history will keep evolving.

Here is the start of a table of events in chronological order including some highlights of our distant human past.

4.8 billion years agoEarth solidified
1000 BCEPhoenicians develop modern alphabet
250,000 years agoEarliest anatomically modern humans (homo sapiens)
110,000-15,000 years agoLast ice age
100,000 years agoHomo sapiens started moving out of Europe and Asia into other areas
65,000-35,000 years agoPeople reached Australia in canoes
50,000 years agoHomo sapiens developed capacity for language
40,000 years agoStone, ivory, bone tools and blades were made
17,000-8,000At some point people began to develop more complicated tools like harpoons
15,000 years agoPeople start reaching the Americas
15,000 years agoLast ice age ended
12,000 years agoGobekli Tepe was built by non-agricultural people
12,000 years agoEarly civilizations begin
11,000 years agoAgricultural revolution: shift away from hunter-gatherer to agriculture
10,000 years agoAgricultural villages begin to develop
7,000 BCEMergher, early village civilizations found
3.5 million years agoEvidence of the oldest human ancestors
3500 BCEInvention of the wheel
3200 BCE (5200 years ago)Written records from Egypt. Script from Indus Valley civilizations around the same time made of trident-shaped markings remains indecipherable today.
3,000 BCE-700 BCE (5,000-2,700 years ago)Bronze Age: tools, weapons, art made primarily from bronze
Indus River Valley civilations, Harappa, Mohenjo-daro, and the recently partially-excavated Rakhigarhi demonstrate the world's first known urban sanitation systems.
1600-1180 BCEHittites' empire in modern day Turkey
1200 BCE-800 AD (3200-2800 years ago)Iron Age: tools, weapons, art made primarily from iron (Hittites were one of the first to use)
1200 BCEThe Bronze Age Collapse- a lot of civilizations become more fragmented
2686-2181 BCEGreat Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx were built, and ships were used for trade
2100 BCE (4100 years ago)Code of Ur-Nammu from Sumer
2130 BCEAkkadian Empire established by Sargon
1800 BCEIndus River Valley civilization ended, and we don't know why; most of the cities became abandoned by 1700 BCE
1760 BCE (3700 years ago)Code of Hammurabi from Babylon
1500-1200 BCEJewish people become enslaved by Egyptian pharoah
1500 BCEFrom the Vedas, the oldest known Hindu scriptures, scholars have learned about the existence of the Vedic period in ancient Indian history that followed the Indus River Valley civilization
Indus Valley civilizations built structures and traded with far away places

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