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You can call me Anne.

I was a public school teacher, and now I stay at home with my two-year-old.

History was always my least favorite subject. I never used to be interested in it. I did realize it was important to understand where we come from in order to understand who we are today and also so that we can avoid repeating our mistakes (although it seems like, regardless of how much we study history, people have a tendency to repeat mistakes), but history was such a dry, boring, old topic.

I guess I didn’t realize that our history is downright mysterious. In school, they don’t teach you about all the unanswered questions and about the things that just don’t make sense! The past is intriguing and strange. How did they build the pyramids? Why do some of them look similar across the world? Why are mythologies and creatures of legend so similar across cultures? Why are there ancient artifacts in civilizations from far away places when trade shouldn’t have yet begun? Why did language and building behaviors and metallurgy develop at relatively the same time on different continents even though there was supposedly no communication between them? What happened at Teotihuacan? What are crop circles? Why do so many people report being abducted by aliens? Why can’t we explore the depths of our oceans? Who made the Nazca Lines and what are they for? Why have so many bizarre things happened around the Bermuda Triangle? Why don’t we teach about Nikola Tesla in school?

People seem to have a tendency to want to believe they have all the answers even when they don’t, and our current understanding of history is a perfect example of this. We fill in the blanks even when we don’t know the answers. We come up with theories and then teach them as fact.

As technology advances, we have been better and better able to uncover new historical evidence and date artifacts more accurately. New discoveries have been cropping up which seem to challenge our conventional understanding of human history and our ancient past, ideas we’ve been taught in school and have long since accepted as fact, and the incompatible evidence has become difficult for any reasonable, thinking person to ignore.  We seem to be finding that some things we have been taught to be true about our ancient history, simply can’t be true.

When I became interested in pyramids, I tried to research the topic and I couldn’t believe how disjointed the information is out there. In this age of information, it should be easy to find a comprehensive list of pyramidal structures, dating information, heights, and pictures. It’s not. You find a bunch of different ways to say pyramidal structures (burial mounds, zuggerats, horns, pyramids) and arguments about which is which; you find articles about cover-ups rife with conspiracy theories; you find people who are discredited by most, begin by discussing very real and curious aspects of ancient history but in the same breath talk about how ravens and the number 11 speak to them. It’s just not right when following trails left by people in the comments section of websites is the easiest way to identify legitimate pyramid structures. It became clear to me that I would need to gather the information in one place in order to begin to attempt to understand it.

I consider myself to be a reasonable individual who tries not to jump to conclusions but tries to examine the evidence first then decide. My goal is to look at the facts, to examine the real evidence as best as I can.

But I need your help. I want to hear your opinion and what connections you’ve made. I hope you’ll join me as I explore information across of a wide range of mysterious topics. Email me or leave a comment if my information is lacking or wrong. Feel free to start discussions in the comments section. I look forward to hearing from you!


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